Farm Fresh

Buckler Farm is a small family run farm north of Cochrane. Helping to feed our local communities is important to us. That's why we focus on growing healthy nutritious veggies and fruit. We are proud to offer the best quality food straight from our field to your table.

Heritage Farm

We are lucky to be one of several generations of our family that has farmed this land. Buckler Farm is an Alberta Heritage farm. Our family has farmed this land for over 100 years. Since 1905 we have cared about this place and we continue to be stewards of this land today in the practices we use to produce good food for your family.

Sustainable Food

We really do care about the health of our environment. When you live this close to the land you realize just how much we depend on the environment around us. For this reason we adhere to an environmental management plan and are careful not to spray our gardens and use water responsibly.

Buckler Farm is a heritage family farm located 20 minutes north of Cochrane. We grow food for families around the Calgary region and work with other small producers to get the best food from our field to your table.